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GB-1043558-A: Cash desk patent, GB-1043833-A: Improvements in, or relating to, apparatuses for analyzing the behaviour of internalcombustion engines patent, GB-1044137-A: Paint-drying ovens for car-bodies and like objects patent, GB-1044426-A: A process for the manufacture of artificial leather and the products thus obtained patent, GB-1044493-A: High frequency transformer core patent, GB-1045167-A: A process for recovering ferro-alloy powders from ores or oxides patent, GB-1045374-A: Transistorized low-noise i.f. amplifier of large bandwidth patent, GB-1045708-A: Improving the high temperature stability and reducing the liability to sputter of nickel-chromium and nickel-chromium-iron alloy parts patent, GB-1047500-A: patent, GB-1047507-A: patent, GB-1048265-A: Silicon carbide heating element patent, GB-1048700-A: Improvements in apparatus for supporting generally flat articles patent, GB-1051229-A: patent, GB-1051423-A: patent, GB-1052199-A: patent, GB-1052932-A: patent, GB-1053018-A: patent, GB-1053144-A: patent, GB-1053891-A: patent, GB-1053993-A: patent, GB-1054857-A: patent, GB-1055735-A: Improvements in magnetic amplifiers patent, GB-1056113-A: Improvements in or relating to time-division multiplex telecommunications exchange systems patent, GB-105814-A: patent, GB-1058222-A: Photographic hardening agents and their use in gelatin compositions patent, GB-1058716-A: Improvements in or relating to slide projectors patent, GB-1058793-A: Improvements in spring blocks patent, GB-1060643-A: Electrical fault detection arrangement patent, GB-1061522-A: Apparatus for removing dust and other impurities from air or other gases patent, GB-1061534-A: Improvements in or relating to spigoted and socketed pipes patent, GB-1061602-A: A receiver of modulated alternating input signals patent, GB-106179-A: Improvements relating to Cloth Tearing, or Cutting, Apparatus or Apparatus adapted to Assist such Operations. patent, GB-1062334-A: Racemization of compounds containing an asymmetric quaternary carbon atom patent, GB-1062844-A: Improved road or like roller patent, GB-1064340-A: Conveying apparatus suitable for conveying an article such as a sheet or 'unit record card patent, GB-1064454-A: Exteriorly ribbed wire or rod for reinforcing concrete patent, GB-1064520-A: Oxidation of hydrocarbons patent, GB-1064533-A: Improvements in or relating to a support for a trencher tooth patent, GB-1066181-A: Treatment of hydrogels patent, GB-1067209-A: Brake mechanisms patent, GB-1067513-A: Derivatives of ergolene patent, GB-1067830-A: Method of making molded shells for luggage patent, GB-1068019-A: Water-insoluble polysulphonic acids patent, GB-1068066-A: Improvements in the rearing of piglets patent, GB-1068218-A: Rotary piston internal combustion engines patent, GB-1068514-A: Improvements in or relating to suction grippers patent, GB-1070047-A: A process for filtering and counter-current extracting a suspension of solids in a liquid suspending medium patent, GB-1070276-A: Improvements in and relating to devices for fastening objects to walls patent, GB-1070340-A: The pneumatic conveyance of goods patent, GB-1070410-A: A mechanism for feeding pairs of articles into a machine patent, GB-1070703-A: Improvements in push-pull amplifiers patent, GB-1071192-A: Electrolyte container for dry charge batteries patent, GB-1071342-A: Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of gramophone records patent, GB-1071480-A: Crimping and shrinking of polyamide materials patent, GB-1071507-A: Substituted ureas and herbicidal compositions containing them patent, GB-1071603-A: Method of and apparatus for dispersing water-insoluble dyes patent, GB-1071632-A: Controllable semi-conductor rectifiers patent, GB-1072304-A: Fluid bearing patent, GB-107242-A: Improvements in and relating to Methods of and Means for Controlling Electric Motors. patent, GB-1072900-A: Improvements in or relating to continuous casting machines patent, GB-1073363-A: Composition containing vinyl or vinylidene halide polymers suitable for being worked-up to impact resistant products patent, GB-1073573-A: Process for automatically controlling the conversion distribution in reactor series operating with continuous flow patent, GB-1073727-A: Method of reacting a gas and a liquid patent, GB-1073767-A: Enzymatic analysis patent, GB-107423-A: An Improved Air Seal or Closure Device. patent, GB-1074356-A: Rate sensor patent, GB-1074658-A: A gas turbine installation patent, GB-1074673-A: Improvements relating to vacuum electrical switches patent, GB-1074763-A: Simulated fabric sheet material and method of manufacturing same patent, GB-1075076-A: Plated wire storage device patent, GB-1075831-A: Improvements in or relating to lifebelts and the like patent, GB-1075883-A: Improvements in casting mold and method of making patent, GB-1075958-A: Gas turbine engine patent, GB-1076144-A: Oil-soluble tertiary amine salts patent, GB-1077459-A: Improvements in or relating to guides for guiding rods in machines, particularly in ring peeling machines patent, GB-1077574-A: Suction cleaner nozzle patent, GB-1077778-A: Improvements in and relating to process and apparatus for removing ozone from ozone-loaded air patent, GB-107792-A: Improvements in or relating to Devices for Locating, Capturing and Destroying Submarines and like Vessels. patent, GB-1078327-A: Method and apparatus for leaktightly joining sheet materials, and applications thereof patent, GB-1079566-A: Method and composition for lubricating aluminium and like metals patent, GB-1079651-A: Pressure reducing valve patent, GB-1079960-A: Improvements in or relating to enamelling processes patent, GB-1080472-A: Improvements in or relating to b-norsteroidal pyrazoles patent, GB-1081077-A: Door restraining means patent, GB-1082931-A: Improvements in or relating to loudspeaker enclosures patent, GB-1083045-A: Improvements in wrenches for adjusting wheel bearing and the like patent, GB-1083707-A: Improvements in and relating to methods of producing boron phosphide patent, GB-1083919-A: Closure for bottles and like containers patent, GB-1084035-A: patent, GB-1085087-A: Improvements in or relating to filters patent, GB-1085487-A: Card sorting device patent, GB-1085732-A: Improvements in soap patent, GB-1085744-A: Hot dip galvanizing process patent, GB-1086750-A: Improvements in or relating to radio receivers patent, GB-1086760-A: Analog-to-digital encoder patent, GB-1086801-A: Automatic exposure control device for flashlight photography patent, GB-1086870-A: Apparatus for detecting the presence of aerosols and the like in air patent, GB-1087663-A: Improvements in or relating to shovel loaders patent, GB-1087718-A: Improvements in or relating to terminal bars for use with headed-post terminals patent, GB-1087977-A: Improvements in gas-heating appliances with incorporated ignition means patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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