Cash desk

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Christian Bottcher
  • Publication Date: September 21, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1043558-A


1,043,558. Cash desks. C. BOTTCHER. May 29, 1963, No. 21406/63. Heading A4T. [Also in Division G4] A cash desk enabling several customers to be dealt with at a time comprises a bench having at one end a register 4, Fig. 1, and a basket support 5 from which goods may be placed on one of three receiving surfaces 2 preferably of different colours, leading at the other end to three sloping retrieval compartments 3<SP>1</SP>, 3<SP>11</SP>, 3111 having two hinged arms 11, 12 for diverting the goods into the correct coloured compartment, the arms being connected at their pivots by cranks and links, gearing or magnetic devices, through tubular supports 25, 26 to slides 31, 32, Fig. 6, in front of the discharge from a charge dispenser 15 supported above the compartments whereby, when the arms divert goods to a particular compartment, they move the slides so as to discharge the charge into a corresponding coloured tray 19, 20, 21. In Fig. 6 the charge is directed towards the middle shoot 17 and tray, and by moving one slide 31 or 32 to abut the other, the charge is directed to the right or left of guides 35 into the right or left shoot 16, 17 and tray. Compartments 1<SP>111</SP> holds wrapping materials and the bench carries a fold-away chair 22.




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