Paint-drying ovens for car-bodies and like objects


1,044,137. Drying apparatus. SVENSKA FLAKTFABRIKEN A.B. March 24, 1965 [March 31, 1964], No. 12525/65. Heading F4G. A drying oven for painted car-bodies 5 or the like comprises flue-gas heated radiant elements 2 having inlet and outlet openings 3, 4 for the flue gas passing vertically through the sections, the elements are each made of a varying crosssection and are so shaped that the gas velocity of the radiant surface 6 facing the car-body 5 is caused to increase in front of those parts 7 of the car-body which are most difficult to heat and is caused to decrease adjacent to the parts 8 where a lesser heat is required.




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