Improvements in apparatus for supporting generally flat articles


1,048,700. Elevated railways. E. HILL ALDAM & CO. Ltd. Oct. 30, 1964 [Nov. 4, 1963], No. 43454/63. Heading B7L. An elevated railway for suspending flat articles, e.g. partitions in rail vehicles, comprises two rails 12, only one shown, supported by brackets 16, each rail having trolleys 18 each of which carries, on a pivot pin 20 and swivel 21, a support member 40. The member 40 carries through bearings 24, Fig. 2, at least one bar 25, the bars 25 of the two rails 12 being fixed to a track 14 having two wheeled trolleys 30 to which the flat articles are connected by swivel connections. Sliding of bars 25 in member 40 is limited by stops 33, 34 and the base of pin 20. The railway enables a large flat article to be pulled along the rails 12 from one side whereby the article is not at right angles to the rails 12 without the trolleys binding on the rails; the angle made by the article or track 14 with the rails being determined by the positioning of the stops 33, 34. The article can be moved along or swivelled relative to track 14.




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