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  • Publication Date: December 31, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1051229-A


1,051,229. Disc brakes. SOC. ANON FRANCAISE DU FERODO. June 14, 1965 [June 15, 1964], No. 25101/65. Heading F2E. In an hydraulically actuated floating caliper disc brake particularly suitable for motor vehicles at least one of two pads 13, 14 is associated with a sloping face 22 which co-operates with a repartition device shown as a roller 23 which is in abutment with a fixed support 27 and with a face 28, parallel to the disc, on the caliper 15. As shown for a disc brake in which the disc 10 has a forward direction of rotation F the sloping face is on an element 21 which is in sliding contact with a piston 19 of an hydraulic actuation 18 and with one pad 13. Friction between the pad 13 and the element 21 may be increased by grooving or roughening the surfaces. A pair of tension springs 29 tend to move the pad 13 downwards against a fixed stop (not shown) and the element upwards until it contacts the roller 23 moving the pad towards the disc to take up wear. When the brake is applied the piston exerts a force in the direction of arrow A engaging the brake and causing an upward force to be exerted on the pad 13. This force is transferred to the element 21 and the roller 23 which exerts a force in the direction of arrow D tending to tighten the brake. The friction between the pad 13 and the element 21 may be chosen so that no slipping occurs during braking or so that the pad slips until it abuts a fixed stop 30.




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