Improved road or like roller


1,062,844. Vibratory rollers. STOTHERT & PITT Ltd. May 29, 1964, No. 22325/64. Heading A1B. A self-propelled roller comprises two independently rotatable vibratory rolls 10, 11 and a frame 19 which includes automatically adjustable balance weights 54, so that the frame may be retained in equilibrium about axle 14. Sensing rollers 64 pivotally mounted on the frame are moved upwardly when they contact the ground and via linkages actuate control valves 71 in a hydraulic circuit which includes rams 58 connected to the weights. Movement of one set of rollers 64 causes movement of the weights by means of the rams away from that set, thus to balance the frame. Movement of the weights may also be effected manually by lever 63. Hydraulic motors 38, 39 the spindles of which have pinions thereon which engage with ring gears 43 effects independent rotation of the rolls. Vibration of the rolls is effected by two eccentric shafts 28 coupled together and rotated by a single hydraulic motor 33. The motors 33, 38 and 39 are actuated by pumps powered by an I.C. engine mounted on the frame. The frame also carries fixed weights 53.




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