Conveying apparatus suitable for conveying an article such as a sheet or 'unit record card

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  • Assignees: Ibm
  • Publication Date: April 05, 1967
  • Publication Number: GB-1064340-A


1,064,340. Sheet delivery apparatus; feeding sheets. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION. Sept. 20, 1965 [Oct. 1, 1964], No. 39958/65. Headings B6B and B6H. A sheet or card 31 is initially advanced by a series of rollers 4a-4d (Fig. 4) in an upright position along a channel guide 3. It is then lifted vertically from the channel by a roller 17 co-operating with rollers 18 and is guided by the upper curved part 37 of the channel guide 3 and dropped on to a stack 38. A yoke 14, pivoted at (12 and 15, Fig. 4) in the machine frame (13, 16), supports the rollers (4a, 4d) and the roller 17. A pair of leaf springs 22 attached to the upper part of the yoke 14 each support a strengthening piece 23 carrying a pair of rollers 18. In operation, the yoke 14 initially takes the position shown in Fig. 1, so that a series of leaf springs 6 urge the card into engagement with the rollers 4a, 4d to advance the card 31 along the channel 3. When the card reaches the end of the channel 3 it operates a micro switch (9, Fig. 4) and energizes an electromagnet (10) to pivot the yoke 14 to the position shown in (Fig. 2). In this position the rollers 4 are moved away from the springs 6 and the roller 17 is advanced relative to the rollers 18 so that the card 31 is nipped therebetween and lifted from the channel 3. The leaf springs 22 serve also to return the yoke to its initial position, Fig. 1, when the electromagnet is de-energized. The peripheral speed of each roller 4 is greater than the speed of the preceeding roller in the direction of advance of the card 31, so that the card tends to be tensioned whilst in the channel 3.




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