Improvements in the rearing of piglets

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Heinrich Biehl
  • Publication Date: May 10, 1967
  • Publication Number: GB-1068066-A


1,068,066. Rearing piglets; feeding appliances. BIEHL & CO. July 8, 1964 [Oct. 31, 1963], No. 28143/64. Addition to 1,054,821. Heading A1M. In the rearing apparatus claimed in Specification 1,054,821 the food supply means comprises a pipe 2 which extends through the cages 1 and is provided, within the region in each cage, with an opening 3 through which a piglet in the cage may take feed from the pipe. The pipe 2 is movable longitudinally to bring the openings 3 under covers 6 secured to the cage floors. The pipe is filled with liquid feed through opening 7 and the ends of the pipe are closed by removable plugs 5.




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