Rotary piston internal combustion engines


1,068,218. Rotary-piston L C. engines. YANMAR DIESEL ENGINE CO. Ltd. Dec. 3, 1964 [Dec. 6, 1963], No.49241/64. Heading F1F. A rotary-piston I. C. engine including a casing having an inner peripheral wall of two-lobed epitrochoidal profile and a three-sided piston mounted for planetary motion in the casing includes a lubricant reservoir 6', Fig. 3, having mounting feet 5', for mounting on an engine-bed and a mounting flange 15 to which a flange (2'), Fig. 1 (not shown) on the engine proper is secured. The reservoir which contains oil for lubricating and cooling purposes includes a filling port 9, suction pipe (7) fitted with a strainer (6) and a discharge connection 8' from the engine. In an alternative construction, the flange 15 may be replaced by a pair of spaced axially extending parallel flanges between which the engine may be mounted.




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