The pneumatic conveyance of goods


1,070,340. Pneumatic conveyers. REMBRANDT TOBACCO CORPORATION (OVERSEAS) Ltd. Sept. 24, 1965 [Sept. 30, 1964], No. 40854/65. Heading B8A. In a method of pneumatically conveying articles, such as cigarette stubs, along a pipeline 6, Fig. 1, from a feeder 7 to a dispenser 25 which moves the stubs laterally to a machine supply hopper 10, the feeder 7 is controlled from level indicators 16, 17 in the hopper 10, and dispenser 25 is controlled from a photo-cell 15 detecting a minimum column length of accumulated articles. The system operates to dispense at a greater rate than the supply and ensures a constant minimum supply at the dispenser. The pneumatic system is described and claimed in Specification 1,070,339.




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