A mechanism for feeding pairs of articles into a machine


1,070,410. Packaging apparatus; feeding articles; endless conveyers. E. SERAGNOLI, and A. SERAGNOLI, [trading as " G.D." SOCIETA IN ACCOMANDITA SEMPLICE DI ENZO SERAGNOLI e ARIOSTO SERAGNOLI]. Aug. 4, 1964 [Aug. 3, 1963], No. 31452/64. Headings B8A, B8C and B8S. Articles are fed in pairs to a machine, e.g. for wrapping, by means of an elevator (54), Fig. 5, fed by reciprocating fingers 46, 46<SP>1</SP>, Fig. 1, the articles being supplied from a hopper 30 down vibrated shoots 31, 31<SP>1</SP> to a pair of intermittently rotated discs 20, 20<SP>1</SP> having apertures 21, 21<SP>1</SP> respectively through which those articles not rejected are pushed downwards on to a conveyer belt 41 within channels 52, 52<SP>1</SP> where their presence is sensed by elements 43, 431. Should the flow of articles past one of the elements 43, 43<SP>1</SP> fail, a switch is opened to break the drive to the machine being fed and at the same time the supply of articles to the other channel 52 or 52<SP>1</SP> is stopped by means of a control tongue (42, 42<SP>1</SP>) until both channels are again supplied. Articles lying in the apertures 21, 21<SP>1</SP> on a stationary support (29), Fig. 8, pass under brushes 28, 28<SP>1</SP> and out into an unenclosed segment of travel of the discs 20, 20<SP>1</SP>, the brushes returning any unplaced articles towards the centre of the discs. At station I each aperture 21, 21<SP>1</SP> is halted over an opening (32) in the support (29), Figs. 2 and 4, normally closed by a shutter (35) which is removed as each aperture comes into line. Articles of correct size remain suspended on the projecting edges (33, 33A) of the opening (32), defective articles falling through. After being indexed through stations II-IV, the accepted articles are pushed down on to the belt 41 by resilient plungers (49, 49<SP>1</SP>), Fig. 3, passing through a second opening in the support (29). This opening is closed by the control tongue (42, 42<SP>1</SP>) if the element 43, 43<SP>1</SP> in the opposite channel 52, 52<SP>1</SP> senses that articles are absent, in which ease the articles remain in the discs 20, 20<SP>1</SP> and are carried round for a full circle. Pushers (46, 46<SP>1</SP>) are movable in a closed path, Fig. 7, to supply articles, held by stops 45, 45<SP>1</SP> at the end of the channels 52, 52<SP>1</SP>, to a position where they are carried to the wrapping machine by the elevator (54).




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