Electrolyte container for dry charge batteries


1,071,192. Batteries. DUNLOP RUBBER AUSTRALIA Ltd. July 7, 1964, No. 27908/64. Heading H1B. In order to sit on the top T of the dry charge battery B shown and protect the terminal posts T<SP>1</SP> and filling openings C, the base 20 of an electrolyte container 5 is provided with two projections 24, 25 which rest on the top T and define between them a recess 22 which accommodates the filling openings C, the terminals T<SP>1</SP> being accommodated in the space 26 defined by the base of the container, the ends of the projections 24, 25 and the top T of the battery. A handle is formed in the top of the container 5 and extends between two grooved parallel surfaces formed on the top of the container. The container is secured to the battery by tapes or wires which are received in the grooves 30 in its top and grooves 31 in its sides. A sealed filling opening receives a reversible spout. Alternatively, the spout may be carried in a recess (Fig. 7, not shown) in one of the projections 24, 25 in the base. In Fig. 6 (not shown) a U-shaped recess is provided to receive the terminal ports and filling openings.




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