Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of gramophone records


1,071,342. Moulding gramophone records. DECCA Ltd. March 1, 1965 [May 12, 1964; July 22, 1964; Aug. 26, 1964], Nos. 7942/65, 7974/65 and 8010/65. Divided out of 1,071,337. Heading B3A. Gramophone records are made by injection moulding thermoplastic blank discs and subsequently embossing a sound track on one or each side of the disc by pressing between heated die plates. The thermoplastic material may be a copolymer of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate with 5 to 30% of coal tar pitch. The two die plates are maintained at the same temperature, air being injected through small holes in the fixed die to cause the disc to adhere to the moving die.




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