Fluid bearing


1,072,304. Bearings. COMMISSARIAT A L'ENERGIE ATOMIQUE. Sept. 29, 1965 [Oct. 6, 1964], No. 41373/65. Heading F2A. A fluid bearing comprises a member (1) with a cylindrical bore in which a shaft (2) rotates, sealing means respectively parallel and perpendicular to the shaft axis in the bore forming a number of segments, fluid injectors (30) in each segment opening into the bore and supplying fluid so that it tends to circulate in a direction opposite to one direction of shaft rotation. A sleeve (3) rotates with the shaft. The segments are formed by labyrinth seals (38, 32, 33) each segment being rectangular in its developed form. In each segment the injectors (50, 30) are arranged in transverse and axial rows adjacent the seals. In all embodiments the axes of the injectors (50) of the transverse rows each pass through the bearing axis, and may be included towards the segment interior. In Fig. 2 (not shown) sector (B) has only one axial row per segment disposed on the downstream side with respect to the direction of rotation, and the axes of the injectors (30) of this row are radial. Sector (C) has two axial rows, the axes of the injectors of the upstream row being radial and those of the downstream row being inclined towards the segment interior. Sector (D) has an axial downstream row only, which is directed towards the segment interior. Between the axial seals of adjacent segments are axial outlet grooves (37, Fig. 4, not shown) a row of outlet holes (37a) opening from each groove into an axial well (36, Fig. 1, not shown). Air from outlet wells (36) passes via chamber (9), pump (21), and annular chamber (17) back to injectors (30).




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