A gas turbine installation

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Licentia Gmbh
  • Publication Date: July 05, 1967
  • Publication Number: GB-1074658-A


1,074,658. Gas turbine plant. LICENTIA PATENT-VERWALTUNGS - G.m.b.H. June 26, 1964 [June 28, 1963], No. 26541/64. Heading F1G. A gas turbine installation comprises an electric generator 17, Fig. 3, driven by an axial flow power turbine 14, Fig. 2, which is in turn driven by the gases produced in a set of eight gas turbine type gas generators 12, which set is arranged in two groups 13, one on either side of the vertical plane 10 through the axis 11 of the power turbine, the four gas generators of each group being arranged vertically one above the other, and the machine being situated between the two groups and/or their air intake ducts 16. Each group 13 is divided into two sub-groups, each of which comprises two gas generators 12 producing gases which are collected in a common chamber 23. The four chambers 23 merge into an annular chamber 24. Access to a bearing 19 of the power turbine shaft 20 may be had from above. All the gas generators 12 may be parallel to the power turbine axis 11 or, as shown in Fig. 3, each of the two groups may diverge from the axis 11 at an angle which may be as large as 45‹.




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