Simulated fabric sheet material and method of manufacturing same

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Eugene Aaron Magid
  • Publication Date: July 05, 1967
  • Publication Number: GB-1074763-A


1,074,763. Laminates. E. A. MAGID. July 20, 1965 [July 20, 1964], No. 30894/65. Heading B5N. A simulated fabric sheet material comprises a cover layer of plastic foam secured in facing engagement with at least one surface of a carrier layer which is relatively inelastic compared with the cover layer, said layers being embossed in their facing engagement to afford said foam layer the feel, texture and appearance of fabric. Specified foams are polyurethane and polyvinyl, preferably transparent or translucent. Specified carrier layers are polyvinyl and polyethylene. The two layers may be secured by adhesive or by the use of heat and pressure. The cover layer may be printed to simulate a patterned fabric. Fig. 6 shows an embodiment on which the sheet material comprises a foam layer 12b, an intermediate carrier layer 11b of thermoplastic film, sheet or netting and a foam layer 13b.




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