Improvements in or relating to guides for guiding rods in machines, particularly in ring peeling machines


1,077,459. Machine tool details. GEBR. BOHLER & CO. A.G. March 16, 1966, No. 11496/66. Heading B3T. [Also in Division F2] A guide for rods in a ring-peeling machine comprises three sets of balls 3, Fig. 1, supported in elongated cages (2), Fig. 2 (not shown), disposed at an angular spacing of 120 degrees in a worm-wheel 8, the latter having cam surfaces (9) for radially adjusting the cages, and a worm (10) meshing with the wheel, which is axially displaceable against springs (13). The cages are provided with end covers 6, and a pressure jaw 7, the covers and jaws being faced with hard metal. The cages are set to receive a rod of given cross-section by turning the worm wheel 8 by worm (10), so that cams (9) engage jaws 7. Any deviation in the crosssection of the rod causes the cages to move radially, which is possible due to the worm (10) moving axially.




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