Improvements in and relating to process and apparatus for removing ozone from ozone-loaded air

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Cie Generale Des Eaux
  • Publication Date: August 02, 1967
  • Publication Number: GB-1077778-A


Air is deozonized by passage through granular adsorbent selected from activated carbon, soda lime, MnO2 and iron oxide, the adsorbent being in granular form such that the pressure differential across the adsorbent is less than 200 mms. of water, the temperature being maintained in the range 15 DEG to 60 DEG C. Apparatus for the process comprises a vessel where internal temperature may be controlled by an external thermostatically-controlled heating jacket, the vessel surrounding a container with perforated walls holding the adsorbent and which may be in the form of an annulus, in which case the gas may enter through the centre, pass through the adsorbent to the outside and thence from the vessel; or as a cylinder with perforated ends, in which case the gas enters e.g. at the base and passes out at the top.




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