Improvements in or relating to Devices for Locating, Capturing and Destroying Submarines and like Vessels.


107,792. Rushfirth, S. July 7, 1916 Submarine vessels, trapping and destroying; torpedo nets and screens.-Submarines are captured by extending a collapsed net and then destroyed by means of a suspended mine. The metal net has sinkers I, J, and is suspended from a buoy formed of a number of parts A, B, C shaped to fit together when the net is collapsed, as shown in Fig. 1. The parts of the buoy are strung loosely on a tow rope D, Fig. 2, by which the net is towed when it is collapsed. The end buoy A has a connection to a second tow rope X and when this is used the net is extended. The intermediate buoys are each formed of a pair of wings hinged together so that they will fold back when the net is being towed in its extended form. With the aid of aircraft, the net is extended in front of the submarine; a suspended mine is then dropped and caused, by hauling, to rise or swing into position against the submarine, when it is exploded by contact or electrically.




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