Improvements in magazine or box spanners

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: William Thomas Fisher
  • Publication Date: December 24, 1924
  • Publication Number: GB-226358-A


226,358. Fisher, W. T. Nov. 27, 1923. Magazine wrenches; rigid-jaw; wrenches; retaining in engagement; shanks. - Magazine or box spanners are provided with an india-rubber ring at the mouth of the body serving as a protective buffer to prevent damage to the paint or enamel upon any structure with which it is to be used. The rubber ring may project slightly beyond the end of the body, and may serve to maintain in position the nut retaining devices. The body 1 has a cylindrical exterior and is of hexagonal or other shape inside to suit the nuts. The rubber ring 13 at the mouth is retained in position by its own elasticity, or by adhesive or cement, or a peripheral rib on the body may engage a correspond groove in the inside of the ring. The forward end 14 of the ring projects slightly beyond the end of the body. Each nut passing into the bore of the spanner is retained therein by short lengths of wire or rod 11 mounted in slots 10 near the mouth of the body, the rubber ring serving to maintain these rods resiliently in position. A movable block 15, acting as a back stop for the nuts, is engaged by a spring 4 bearing agains a depression 3 at the rear end of the body, which has an extension 5 provided with an aperture 6 for the shank 7 of a driving handle. Specifications 211,036 and 213,480 are referred to.




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