Improvements in or relating to braiding machines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Daniel Hayes Murphy
  • Publication Date: January 08, 1925
  • Publication Number: GB-227011-A


227,011. Murphy, D. H. Feb. 26, 1924. Braiding-machines in which inner and outer yarn carriers revolve in annular paths in opposite directions are provided with electro-magnetic means for driving the inner yarn carriers. Referring to the Figure, the radially arranged inner yarn carriers 24, supplied at their inner ends by rollers 25 on a track 26 and at their inner ends by shoes 23 engaging a groove in the rotating drum 11 carrying the outer drum carriers 29, are each, provided with a soft iron plate 45 in close proximity to the holes 37 of an electro-magnet 36 carried by an arm 35 of a rotating spider frame, there being preferably the same number of arms 35 and magnets 36 as inner yarn carriers. The electric conductors 39 from the magnet 36 are secured to a post 40 secured to the rotating spider frame where they are electrically connected to wipers 41 engaging insulated rings 42 connected to the electric supply by conductors 44 passing down through the centre support 5. The arrangement is such that the electromagnets are maintained energized during their rotation thereby rotating the inner yarn carriers by virtue of the attraction of the soft iron armature thereon, the absence of positive engagement with the carriers facilitating the movements of the outer yarns under the inner carriers.




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