Improvements in and relating to internal grinding machines and method of grinding


227,160. McDonough, J. G. Oct. 3, 1923. Chucks.-In a machine for grinding internally cylinders, sleeves, gears, bushings, &c., the work 68 is supported by a chuck 66 comprising three removable clamping segments 69 secured to three wedge blocks 70 and having flanges 72 upon which the work rests. The blocks 70 co-operate with a conical surface 73 and the segments 69 are raised or lowered by the flange 76 of a sleeve 75 which is moved by a. a screw thread on the hub of a gear wheel 77, the wheel being rotated by any of three pinions 79a through spindles 79; a spring 174 normally forces the segments 69 apart.




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