Improvements in or relating to the lubrication of "ford" engines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Richard Williams
  • Publication Date: February 05, 1925
  • Publication Number: GB-228409-A


228,409. Williams, R. May 20, 1924. Force-feed lubricating.-Lubricant is supplied to the transmission mechanism 16, the oil troughs 2, and the rearmost connecting-rod end 3' of the engine of a Ford motor-vehicle by a pump 8 of vane type which draws its supply through a pipe 11 from an additional sump 1 connected by a pipe 5 to the fly-wheel sump 6 and positioned under the troughs 2. A check valve 18, which closes when the vehicle, is proceeding up-hill, is fitted in the pipe 5. The delivery pipe 13 of the pump is connected to a conduit 13<a> in the sump 1, from which branches 14 lead to the troughs 2, a branch 15 leads to the rearmost connecting- rod, and a branch 13<b> leads to the upper part of the transmission mechanism 16.




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