Improvements in devices for controlling the speed of directcurrent electric motors driving pumps, fans, blowers, compressors or the like


231,588. Drysdale & Co., Ltd., and Drysdale, J. W. W. Jan. 4, 1924. Motors, controlling; exciting.-The speed of continuous-current electric motors for driving fans, pumps, &c., is controlled by a regulator brush h adapted to be moved round the commutator by means under the control of the output of the driven machine, the field winding being connected between the regulator brush and one of the main brushes d. In the case of a centrifugal pump a, the arm e that carries the brush h is adapted to be rocked by a piston r operated in either direction by air led through a pipe t from the delivery side of the pump, the air being admitted to one side of the piston and exhausted from the other side by means of a slide valve 1 operated by a piston 4 exposed to the pressure in the pipe t. The brush h may be rocked by a governor on the driven machine, or by thermally or electrically controlled devices.




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