Improvements in printers' blankets

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ammiel Folger Decker
  • Publication Date: April 16, 1925
  • Publication Number: GB-231964-A


231,964. Decker, A. F. Jan. 22, 1924. Paints; varnishes. - Printers' blankets comprise an ink-repellent layer 6, which may be applied as a number of successive coats, may be composed of a nitrocellulose solution and a softening- agent such as castor oil, lanolin, txicresyl phosphate, lard oil, cotton-seed oil, &c., in which metal powders have been ground. A suitable composition is 1 lb. of nitro-cellulose, 1 gallon of ethyl acetate, and 8 ozs. of castor oil for the first coats. For the top coats, the oil is omitted and 10 per cent of bronze powder is incorporated in the nitro-cellulose solution.




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