Improvements in or relating to the burning of liquid fuel in boiler and other furnaces or heating apparatus

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Giuseppe Gidino
  • Publication Date: April 22, 1925
  • Publication Number: GB-232432-A


232,432. Gidino, G. Oct. 22, 1923. Spray burners; burners, attaching; overflow fittings.-Liquid fuel and air, preferably heated and under pressure, are discharged from concentric pipes e, b into the contracted rear end portion of a mixing or saturating chamber a so as to impinge angularly on a concave baffle-plate h, the pressures and proportions being regulated so as to produce a perfectly combustible mixture. The mixture is deflected downwardly against the bottom of the chamber a and issues from the front end of the chamber for combustion through a contracted outlet a<2>. The liquid fuel may be supplied to the chamber in greater quantity than is required to saturate the air, the excess being conducted through an outlet a<3> and a valve-controlled pipe i to a tank for re-use. The outlet a<3> is preferably covered by a baffle-plate m. The pipe b may have a spherical end b<1> engaging in a twopart bearing f, f<1> in the rear end of the chamber a so that its angular position may be varied. The chamber a is of elongated oval form in longitudinal section and may comprise front and rear portions bolted together at flanges n. The burner is removably secured to the furnace wall r by means of screws s and nuts t engaging hooks q on a flange o on the front portion of the chamber a. Deposit may be removed from the outlet a<2> by means of a plate v pivoted on an inclined axially slidable rod w mounted in a packed gland x in the rear portion of the chamber a. The plate v may in some cases be arranged to act, when in its rear position, as the baffle plate on which the fuel impinges, the plate h being dispensed with. The chamber a may be provided with openings for the attachment of a pressure gauge or manometer, a thermometer, &c. Examples of suitable burner dimensions and liquid fuel and air pressures and temperatures are staffed in the Specification.




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