Perpetual calendars

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Henry Lawrence Gulline
  • Publication Date: September 24, 1925
  • Publication Number: GB-233735-A


233,735. Gulline, H. L. May 12, 1924, [Convention date]. Calendars.-A perpetual calendar contained in a casing having a back plate, an apertured face plate, and a transparent front plate comprises a pivoted segmental card inscribed with columns of date figures, a second card marked with month names pivoted eccentrically thereto, means for adjusting said cards and an arrangement of screens for concealing certain of the date figures. The casing is similar to that described in Specification 203,425 and at the centre thereof is pivoted a semi-circular card j with columns of date figures adapted to be exhibited through an aperture in the face plate c. This card is reinforced by a radial plate p to which is attached an operating knob o extending through a slot 2 in the back plate, and through a slot w in an extension v of the radial arm s of a screen r which projects through a slot in the card for the purpose of covering the date figures not required. The screen r is adjusted by a button u and movements of the screen r and card j are limited by the slots 2, w. A second screen 5 with buttons 7 and 8 sliding in a slot in the back plate is provided to conceal the outer row of date figures. The month name card 15 is mounted on a separate pivot 22 carried by the back plate and the appropriate month indication is viewed through an ornamental aperture 30 in the face plate. The day of the week names are arranged in a row on the face plate in radial alignment with the date figures. Specification 193,125 also is referred to.




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