Improvements in inking attachments for use with type duplicating or like printing machines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: William Henry Storey
  • Publication Date: September 17, 1925
  • Publication Number: GB-239639-A


239,639. Storey, W. H. July 1, 1924. Inking-apparatus.- In an inking-attachment for a type duplicating-machine, the forme-inking rollers are mounted on eccentric spindles rotatable to adjust the pressure of the rollers on the forme by hand-operated nuts on which the directions of movement are indicated, and of which the amount of movement is apparent by the sense of feel. Means are also provided to permit the removal of the rollers from the attachment without, altering their adjustment. As applied to an attachment such as described in Specification 239,638, having two forme-inking rollers 41, 42 freely mounted upon the eccentric portions of spindles 50 and driven by dogs 40 on gears 38 meshing with a gear on the printing-drum, one end of each spindle 50 is journaled in a bush 52, Fig. 3, fixed to the side frame 22, and has a flattened extremity 57 engaging in a recess 56 in the end of a nut 54 journaled in the bush 52. The nut has coarse threads engaged by corresponding threads 55<a> on one end of a rod 55, the other end 55<b> of which is provided with fine threads engaged by a milled nut 62 having a shouldered portion provided with one or more cross grooves 67. A cap member 61, having tongues 61<a> engaging the shouldered portion of the nut 62, carries a spring-pressed ball 65 adapted to snap into the grooves 67 as the nut 62 is turned to indicate the amount of movement to the operator. The ends of the nuts 62 are provided with indications " On " and " Off " and arrows to denote the direction in which the nuts are to be turned- The rod 55 has an axial movement only, being prevented from rotating by a pin 64 in the cap 61 engaging a slot 63 in the rod. The gears 36, which engage a slidable rack 34 by which the inking-rollers are moved into an inoperative position as described in the Specification referred to above, are fixed to or integral with the caps 61 and are journaled in the bush 52. The ends of the spindles 50 remote from the nuts 62 are carried by members 69 provided with a spring latch 70 adapted to engage the inner side cf the frame 22. By releasing the latch the member 69 and spindle 50 may be withdrawn through the machine frame and replaced without affecting the angular adjustment of the spindle.




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