Improvements in hoods for vehicles


241,846. Auster, L. W., and Davies, A. H. July 24, 1925. Hoods.-In a folding hood of the type comprising a main support connected to forward and rear hoop sticks, the central or main hoop stick 16, normally situated above or adjacent to the main support 1, is connected to the rear hoop stick frame 11 by a link 18, and to the forwardly-extending stretcher bars 3, 8 by a link which, however, is not directly connected to the main support 1. The hoop stick 16 is carried by a bracket or plate 15 having the stretcher bars carrying the forward hoop sticks 6, 9. A link 20 connects the hop 9 to the main support 1, as also does the stretcher bar 2.




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