Improvements in or relating to collapsible boxes


242,434. Watts, A. E., and Johns, Son, & Watts, Ltd. Nov. 6, 1924. Boxes made from special blanks; fittings, external.-A collapsable box is made from a blank comprising an apertured top 2, side walls 1, 3, bottom 4. and fastening-flap 5 arranged in one line and a lid 6, the apertured top 2, front wall 7, and fastening flap 8 in a line at right angles to the first line, the bottom 4 having extending from it a rear wall 9 and flap 10. The front wall 7 and flap 8 may extend from the front edge of the bottom 4 instead of from the apertured top; also, the positions of the side wall 1 and of the flap 5 may be interchanged or the flap 5 may be so disposed that it forms a continuation of the side wall 1. The lid 6 is cut at 14 and scored at 13 so that, after the box is erected, the lid may be raised and folded to constitute a showcard. A cut 16 in the flap 10 forms a tongue 19, which helps to support the lid 6 in its raised position and also seres as a tab for moving the rear wall 9 to open the box. The flap 10 may have an extension 17 adapted to engage a flap 18 cut from, or secured to, the bottom 4 so as to hold the parts 9, 10 in position when they are bent back, as shown in Fig. 3, to form a stand.




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