Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of building or constructional elements or materials


244,142. Novocrete & Cement Products Co., Ltd., and Burney., C. D. July 12, 1924. Drawings to Specification. Processes.-Bricks, building blocks, wall sections, and other articles of large size are produced by impregnating a loose fibrous material such as sawdust with a solution of a metallic salt, mixing the impregnated material with cement, concrete, mortar, &c., with or without a previous treatment with a precipitating agent, and subjecting the mixture to considerable pressure in a mould. Details of the moulding process may be as described in Specification 245,812. Specifications 159,979, [Class 87 (i), Bricks &c.]; 220,677, 225,912, [both in Class 70, India-rubber &c.]; 238,948, 240,561, [both in Class 20 (iv), Floors &c.] ; 244,178, 247,717, and 253,007, [all in Class 70, India-rubber &c.], also a,re referred to.




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