Rotary dryer for the drying of whinstone, limestone, sand clinker and such like material


245,561. Kirkup, R. H., Kirkup, F., and Thompson, J. Aug. 1, 1925. Continuous-discharge apparatus, rotary; agitating appliances.-Apparatus for drying whinstone &c. comprises a rotary cylinder E having agitating and conveying vanes and through which the whinstone passes from a hopper A closed by a counterweighted door B in the opposite direction to that of furnace gases drawn by a fan D from the furnace T and discharged into a dust-collecting chamber H. The materials are broken up by a teazer C as they enter the cylinder and pass after being dried into a casing K having an outlet L closed by a counterweighted flap. Specification 7582/14 is referred to.




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