Manufacture of finely subdivided pigment dyes and the application thereof

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Hoechst Ag
  • Publication Date: July 08, 1926
  • Publication Number: GB-246447-A


246,447. Farkwerke vorm. Meister, Lucius, & Br³ning. Jan. 22, 1925, [Convention date]. Addition to 240,852. Void [Published under Sect. 91 of the Act]. Dye preparations.-The varnishes described in the parent Specification and consisting of a pigment dye intimately united with a resin or a solid fatty acid, suspended in a cellulose varnish, are modified by intimately mixing the pigment dyes or lake colours in a dry state with a resin or a fatty acid, and then finely subdividing this mixture together with an animal, vegetable, or mineral oil or other softening agent by mechanical means. The varnish-lake thus formed may be dissolved in a cellulose ester or ether varnish. The softening agent may be an oil varnish comprising an animal, vegetable, or mineral oil together with an artificial or natural resin, or a body applicable for rendering films of cellulose ester or ether soft, inasmuch as such bodies form oil varnishes with artificial or natural resins. In examples, the dyestuffs Hansa Yellow G, Hansa Red B, and Indanthrene Blue R.S. are each mixed with colophony, castor oil, and linseed oil, and the mixtures are repeatedly passed through a colour-grinder. The pastes obtained are then incorporated with suitable cellulose varnishes. The products may be used for printing or staining paper, leather, fabrics, &c. by brushing on or spraying, and produce a washablecovering. Leather so treated may be polished or dressed (curried) by usual methods, and paper may be subsequently impressed.




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